Google+ 11/2/2015 - 11/8/2015
11/2/2015 - 11/8/2015

We are fast approaching the holiday season, which invariably means we should expect some degree of market cool down.  We have already seen things cool down quite a bit from where they were mid-year.  Instead of sales to list ratios of 110% plus, we are more regularly seeing that number just above 100%.  This has more or less been the case ever since our inventory jumped above 50 back in September.  Since then inventory hasn't fluctuated too much in either direction, but that initial jump seemed to be enough to spread buyer demand a little more evenly, which has led to fewer and less intense bidding wars.  

Most people don't want to pack up and move during the holiday season, so after these next couple of weeks we'll likely see a period of relative market inactivity on both the buyer and seller side.