Google+ 9/14/2015 - 9/20/2015
9/14/2015 - 9/20/2015

The Fall season has officially arrived, and with it came replenished inventory.  The total number of active listings jumped from 37 two weeks ago to 54 by the end of last week - a 45% increase.  This is the first time inventory has broke the 50 active listing mark for quite a while, and it's a trend that buyers would no doubt like to see continue.  The more options there are for the buyer, the less power the seller holds.  And so far this year the number of interested buyers has far exceeded available inventory, putting virtually all of the power in many cases in the hands of the seller.  As a consequence, buyers have often been forced to submit contingency-free offers to even have a shot at being considered by the seller.  

Don't get me wrong, buyer demand is still outpacing housing inventory, but if this trend continues we will eventually see a market that is more hospitable to buyers than what we have become used to.